Le Tour de Trails

Join Barney as he rides some of his favorite bike trails in the Milwaukee Wisconsin metro area.  Using the GoPro “BarneyCam” we have recorded a Barney’s eye view of the rides.  We then speed them up by a factor of 10 so that you can check out the trail at about 2 miles a minute (the equivalent of about 100 – 120 mph depending on the ride. Text has been added to share additional details about the trails where needed.

It is a good way to preview a bike trail for a ride, run, or walk.

Hope to see you on the trails soon!

Trails to be toured include

  • Bugline Trail, 19 miles (posted)
  • Fox River Trail, 5.5 miles (Waukesha) (posted)
  • Glacial Drumlin State Trail, 54 miles (20 miles posted)
  • Hank Aaron State Trail, approx 10 miles (filmed, not posted)
  • Lake Country Trail, approx 15 miles (not filmed or posted, under maint)
  • New Berlin Rec Trail, 7 miles (posted)
  • Oak Leaf Trail, appox 80 miles (36 miles filmed, not posted)