Glacial Drumlin State Trail

The Glacial Drumlin State Trail is an east west trail running about 52 miles from Waukesha Wisconsin to Cottage Grove Wisconsin. The trail is on a former Chicago and Northwestern Rail right of way, so only one steep hill in a short area near Dousman that is off of the right of way. The eastern 14 miles is paved, the balance of the trail is crushed limestone in generally good condition.

There are rest stops with restrooms and water in many of the small towns that the trail passes through. Generally there will be a stop with parking and facilities about every 6 to 10 miles.

Ride along with Barney at 10X speed to see what the trail is like. While a $4.00 daily, or $20 annual trail pass is require to bike if you are over 16, it is a very nice trail to ride.

Click here for a trail map.

Section 1, traveling east to west from Waukesha to Sullivan Wisconsin. Approximately 20 miles. 10 minute video.