7. Why do you have a parrot on your bike?

My standard answer to this is “We are running away from the circus”, but the real reason is more serious. Amazon and most other parrots need a lot of stimulation. Generally they should be out of their cage to interact 2 hours or more per day. They also need social interaction with many humans so that they do not become totally focused on a single person.

We bike with Barney because it allows him to be outdoors where he would be in nature. He gets to see other people, birds and animals (he will often say hello to the geese he sees in a park or along the bike path). It is also good for Herb as he gets his exercise which as you may have noticed is a need that he has. It has had a side effect in that it is also “Socializing” Herb and Debbie as they get to have many more conversations than they do without a parrot!

Of course another reason is that is is just darn fun. It makes Barney happy and us smile.

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