6. Does he like biking?

Yes, he gives all indication of liking to go on bicycle rides a great deal.  Anyone who has had a large parrot will know that you cannot make them do something that they do not want to do.  Barney is always happy to go into his “Fun Cage” but some times does not want to come out.

We can also tell by his behavior when he is happy.  He will be active and engaged, vocal and looking around with interest.  Barney likes to see new things and enjoys people.  We do put in a toy, and a block of wood to chew on as Parrots really love to chew.

We also make sure that he is hydrated by giving him a grape every 30 mins or so, if he is not thirsty he will not take it.  If it is too hot we will put a shade on the top of his fun cage.  If it is above 90 degrees or below about 55 we do not take him out.  A little sprinkle is fun, but we do not go out if it looks like rain.

Barney enjoys saying Hello to people as we bike, but sometimes after a while he will be all talked out.  Please do not be offended if when you see him he is quiet.


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