10. Is he too hot (or too cold)?

Amazon Parrots are tropical birds, but actually have more of a problem if it is too hot than too cold. Of course being birds they cannot sweat to keep cool. We don’t take him out if the temp is above 90F. Of course they are not designed to live in the arctic either. WE do not take him out if it is colder than about 50F. We can tell by his behavior if he is too warm or cold and take steps to help, mostly we just do not go out if it would be out of his comfort zone.

That being said, there are Yellow Naped Parrots living wild in Stuttgart Germany for more than a decade, and successfully reproducing. Stuttgart hits zero most winters just like it does here. Some people play with them in the snow which they reportedly love. We will have to see about that. I would not expect to see Barney on the trails over the winter however.

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